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Easy Transport & Storage Options

Stackable Sit-on-top Kayaks

Australis make a range of sit-on-top kayaks that include a number with profiled decks that allow them to stack with each other to make transporting on roof racks or a trolley easy.

The stacking design feature of the Australis sit-on-tops, allows multiple kayaks to be put on top of even the smallest of cars, without the need for a costly kayak carriers.

This great feature also allows you to use one trolley with two single kayaks. Rather than needing to purchase 2 trolleys for 2 single kayaks, simply purchase one trolley and a set of extension poles.

The stacking feature also makes it easier to store multiple kayaks in a smaller area, when storage space is limited.

Stackable Craft with Companion Craft
Ocky with
  • Ocky
  • Foxx
  • Squid
Foxx with
  • Foxx
  • Squid
Lynxx with
  • Lynxx
  • Cuttlefish
  • Pelagic

Stackable on a car

Stackable on a trolley

Stacking on a car
When stacking on a car, the companion kayak is put on first (up-side down) and the stackable kayak is stacked on top.

Stacking on a trolley
When stacking on a trolley, the stackable kayak is put on first (right-way up) and the companion kayak is stacked on top. Remember that a set of Australis trolley extension poles is required when using the trolley for 2 stacking kayaks.

Find out more about Australis stackable sit-on-top kayaks.